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Linkbait Coaching Methodology

The premise of content marketing is simple:


Although the fundamental building blocks of content
marketing existed long before the Internet, there are specific problems to be solved when creating content online.

Linkbait Coaching can help with these issues and help you become a more effective content marketer.

My name is Lyndon Antcliff and I offer a coaching and mentoring program to help improve your skills in getting content to attract, engage and cause reaction.

Linkbait Coaching is a subscription based coaching and training program designed to help those wanting to develop effective content that gets links and social shares and are also looking to develop cutting edge social media techniques.

Please note: This is not a course where you get a pdf and get on with it. This is a coaching system where you get one on one help and mentoring on the forum and through the teaching materials.
Feedback is given, improvements pointed out and ideas knocked around.

Two membership types available
Individual Agency
  • Access to the Forum
  • One on one mentoring
  • Headline Creation Helper
  • Content Creation Helper
  • 6 Week Video course
  • Regular Newsjacking alerts
  • Access to the Forum
  • One on one mentoring
  • Headline Creation Helper
  • Content Creation Helper
  • 6 Week Video course
  • Regular Newsjacking alerts
  • Weekly one hour Skype consultation
  • Private, bespoke content and headline creation ideas

£99 per month

Currently Closed

£499 per month

Currently Closed

What is Linkbait Coaching?

Linkbait Coaching will help you become an expert creator of content that will get links

Linkbait Coaching was established in 2008, and since then has created:

  • 100's real life case studies live on the forum.
  • Many Step by step real life examples of how to build headlines and content.
  • Examples of how real news stories can help build magnetic content.
  • 1,000s of posts answering questions regarding the art of linkbaiting.

If you desire to learn and develop link building and content marketing skills, and fast track your learning by being coached by highly experienced professionals, this is the place.

  • Linkbait coaching opened in 2008 and successfully generated masses of useful and problem solving posts on the fourm and helped many people become world class linkbaiters.
  • The cost is £99 per month, I charge £2,000 a day for in-house training so the price represents high value, and when you consider how much you can charge for linkbait and infographics £99 is very small investment.
  • The coaching program can be seen as hiring an extra person who is expert in the field for your team without the hastle of an extra employee.
  • Trusted suppliers are available. Writers, promoters, infographic creators who have a track record are able to help you out if you wish to outsource. This is a much more effective and time efficient manner than going to places like Odesk, if this is the route you wish to go.

Who should join?

  • Digital marketing, SEO and PR agencies who wish to create content marketing services in house to sell to clients.
  • Freelance content creators who wish to delvelop skills to market to clients.
  • Owners of Income earning websites who wish to learn how to boost their content marketing skills.
  • Social media specialists who wish to learn how to integrate content based marketing into their skill set.
  • Marketers who want to connect with social networking power users.


The main action takes place on a subscription based forum where there is 6 years worth of real life answers to your problems.

Real life feedback with mentorship is crucial with increasing skills.


Lyndon Antcliff is the founder and main contributer to Linkbait Coaching:

  • He has spent several years advising and implementing social media marketing for clients.
  • He has built thousands of links for clients and myself from authority sites such as,, etc. using content based techniques such as linkbaiting.
  • Lyndon has presented at the main online marketing conferences on the subject, such as Link Love (now Search Love), SMX, SAScon, Ionsearch and numerous other private boot camp type sessions.
  • He has advised and consulted with the likes of SONY, Tesco, HSBC and many leading SEO and PR agencies on cutting edge content marketing techiques.
  • He has been mentioned in the Sunday Times, Timeout, Wired, BBC, etc. and his work has been sited by the BBC Newsquiz on Radio 4, Radio 1 Simon Mayo show, Fox News, The SUN etc., plus thousands of other places.
  • Lyndon is about to launch a content marketing magazine for the iPad, which will cover the latest in cutting edge techniques of the industry and have top experts discussing current best practice.
  • You can also follow him on Twitter.

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