Create interesting content which works for your brand

It may be that the website you are trying to promote does not have a strong enough brand.

It’s too bland, it doesn’t connect with people, it washed over them like warm, onion soup.

If this is happening you simply need to increase the reason for someone to read and share your content.

This type of content is associated with highly opinionated, or highly topical, or highly useful, or even something that resonates with a specific crowd. or even all four. Like this recent article about Periscope, piracy and the recent punch up, or it may be as granular as collecting model trains as a hobby.

The key is to reach out…

Actually scratch that, it’s a hackneyed phrase, “reach out”. Sounds like you are desperate for the last sausage roll.

Even worse is “outreach”.

Why can’t marketers talk like human beings?

The reason is because they are not talking to the wider public, they are talking to each other, and they want to speak fast and in a specific way they can all understand. The fact that you and I find such language grotty, is probably because we are not one of those types.

We may be story tellers, or simply just like telling people about stuff.

Not everyone needs to know how to perform a complete content audit.

But some do, especially if you want to make any money out of this game.

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